Welcome to the website for the Kulalani homeowner's association! If you are a new owner, please take a moment to register by clicking the Register link.
Upcoming Events
2023 Board Meetings
Apr 18th to Dec 31st
Regular meetings of the board will be held on Apr 18, Jun 22, July 5, Aug 16, Aug 22, Sept 20 and Dec 6.
Wildfire Action Guide
Posted on Sep 18th, 2023
Given the recent wildfires in residential neighborhoods on the Big Island and Maui, the board will be exploring ways to mitigate wildfire risks at Kulalani. Owners are encouraged to proactively take personal responsibility for protecting yourself, your family and property. Click here to read how you can prepare for a wildfire threat.
Ironman: Volunteers Needed for Oct 14
Posted on Sep 13th, 2023
Volunteers are needed at the top of Mauna Lani Drive to support the bike portion of the race. Click here for sign-up information.
Labor Day: No Construction Activities
Posted on Sep 1st, 2023
In observance of this holiday, the MLRA reminds everyone that no construction work is permitted on Sept 4. 
Water Conservation Notice
Posted on Aug 10th, 2023
Effective immediately, South Kohala water customers are asked to reduce water use by at least 10 percent. Click here for information.
Tree Trimming
Posted on Jul 8th, 2023
Starting on Wed, July 12 or Thurs, July 13, the shower trees, seagrapes and Hong Kong orchids will be trimmed.
Amendments to the Bylaws
Posted on Jul 2nd, 2023
Two amendments to the bylaws voted in by owners are in effect as of June 26, 2023.
Landscape Report
Posted on Jul 1st, 2023
Click here to read about the current status of Kulalani’s landscaping and plans being considered.
Independence Day
Posted on Jun 29th, 2023
In observance of Independence day, the landscapers will not be working on Tuesday, July 4.
Interested in Joining the KKRC Board?
Posted on Jun 22nd, 2023
Help with the management of our recreation center. The Kulalani board is seeking volunteers to serve on the KKRC board.
Pig-Trapping Activity
Posted on Jun 9th, 2023
In an effort to solve our pig problem, a trap was set up this week near Kulalani.
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